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As It Is

The above photo taken by the Hubble Space Based Telescope is of a very very tiny dark piece of the sky equivalent to looking through an 8 foot long soda straw. About 10,000 galaxies were detected in this very tiny piece of the sky. There are estimated to be 170 BILLION GALAXIES in our universe with an estimated average of 200 BILLION STARS per galaxy. Mulitply those together and you have a rough estimate of more than 34,000 BILLION BILLION stars in the universe! That is more than 10 times as many stars as grains of sand on all the world's beaches and deserts! We live on one lonely planet orbiting one of those 34,000 billion billion stars. No matter how important our Ego thinks it is, its relevance to the entirety of existence is so minor as to be unfathomable. This does not mean that the REAL you is irrelevant as the real you IS all of existence! There is no separateness; no duality. Click on each of these links: Video#1 and Video#2 for short videoclips about what many consider to be THE MOST IMPORTANT IMAGE EVER TAKEN!

As It Is

Reality is an ongoing delusion
that is being experienced by nobody.

You are already that which you seek.

If you understand this concept, then you have found what you were seeking:

Once you go through the gate, you will find there was no gate to go through,
and no You to go through the gate.

Who is there that could awaken?

It is not about understanding who you are, but who you are not.

Start from understanding that the self is a delusion.
Everything alive can only act from the delusion of reality.
Duality is the nature of being alive.
You can UNDERSTAND the delusion, but you can NOT ESCAPE it.

Our lives are like sand castles on the beach.

Don't try to CEASE thinking, cease TRYING to think.

-- Brian William Drisko, Updated 22-Feb-2021 2037 Advaitism Online Store

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